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Medium Paul Brereton ~ A Life Guided by and Dedicated to Spirit

A Born Medium

Paul is a born medium. From his earliest memories – as far back as he can remember – Paul has been seeing spirit and hearing spirit voices. Paranormal and poltergeist activity has also occurred around Paul from a very young age, and with Paul being so young, at first, he did not quite understand what he was experiencing happening around him.

Paul’s Mother

Luckily Paul’s mother Marcella was a very special, amazing lady who had experienced the same connection with spirit from a young age. Paul spent a lot of time with his mother speaking about the spiritual world and the activity that was happening around him. Paul learnt a lot from his mother, insight and knowledge that to this day he treasures, and impressively at a very young age he gave communication from the spiritual world to some of his mother’s friends. Paul’s mother guided him through all this.

Marcella ~ Paul’s Mum

When Paul’s mother became sick and got taken into hospital, Paul knew his mother would not come back out. At the time Paul’s mother was passing from the physical world into the spiritual world, Paul was beside his mother’s bed. Paul experienced watching his mother coming out of her body, saw all the different colours surrounding his mother and himself, as well as seeing his grandfather and grandmother stepping forward from the spiritual world to help his mother take that journey into the spiritual world.

Determined to Learn More about the Spiritual World

Experiencing all of this, being in contact with the spiritual world since his earliest days to witnessing his mother leaving this world, the physical world, and travelling into the spiritual world; made Paul want to carry on with this journey, to learn more about the spiritual world.

Paul found his first spiritual church and sat in the audience. Paul knew he wasn’t going to get a communication from his mother, but was fascinated by the demonstrations of mediumship. Paul attended this spiritual church for around 4 to 5 weeks, he was determined to learn more; but unfortunately this spiritual church did not hold any awareness groups, where people are able to come together to learn more about the spiritual world.

Paul went searching and walked into a shop that sold crystals. There was a little note on the window, and at this time in his life Paul could not read as he suffers with dyslexia. So Paul had to ask the shopkeeper what this note said, and serendipitously, it was advertising an awareness group that would run for 6 weeks!

Of course, Paul joined the awareness group and went every week. At this time Paul was not driving, so he had to catch 2 buses to be able to attend, so that he could learn a little bit more about the awareness and the spiritual world.

At the end of the 6 weeks, Paul was standing outside the crystal shop when somebody from the spiritual world guided Paul to turn around and look at a building across the road.There was a notice outside, so Paul crossed the road to have a look at the notice. People were coming out of the building, so Paul asked them what happens in there, they told him that every Monday they hold awareness groups, and every Saturday and Sunday a spiritual service where a medium will give communiction from the spiritual world. Paul decided straight away to attend the awareness group the following week.

Meeting Medium Doreen Elston

When Paul got there and went through the door, there was a circle of chairs and a little old lady was sitting in one, she turned to Paul and said “come and sit here next to me, I have been waiting for you”. Paul felt a little bit confused and so asked the lady “what do you mean you have been waiting for me?” The lady told Paul that the spiritual people in the spiritual world told her that Paul would be attending. The lady also added “do not worry about getting home, I also know where you live.” At the end of the awareness group the lady took Paul home, right to his doorstep! The lady also told Paul that she would pick him up every Monday and take him to the awareness circle. This went on for quite some time and they became good friends. The lady’s name was Doreen Elston, Doreen was a very well known medium who ultimately helped and guided Paul immensely.

One Monday night after the awareness group when Doreen was taking Paul back home she invited him into her private development circle, which was held on a Tuesday. Paul attended the awareness circle every Monday and the development circle every Tuesday, in time Doreen also invited Paul to another circle called The Lyceum which she held on a Saturday morning. The Lyceum is where a small group of people come together to be able to learn more about the learnings and philosophy of spirit and also to read out of the Lyceum book.

Paul was a little bit nervous about this, as he could not read and had never mentioned this to Doreen, or to anyone else in the circles. Paul had kept this completely to himself. But then, Doreen turned around to him and said “don’t worry, I know you can’t read”. Paul knew Doreen was getting all of this information from the spiritual world, but he still felt very embarrassed as throughout his childhood, when he was growing up, he went through many difficult things partly, but not only, because he was dyslexic.

Every Saturday morning Paul attended the Lyceum Circle, and this is where Paul learnt how to read. The spiritual world became Paul’s school. Every time he had to read something out of the Lyceum book, including big words which he had to break down and put back together to read them out correctly. Eventually Paul could pick up a book and read from it without any hesitation or problem.

A Tutor at the Arthur Findlay College

Later on, Paul was nominated to attend the Arthur Findlay College, Stanstead Hall, Stanstead, the renowned centre of learning for Spiritualism and psychic science. When Paul went there for the first time to learn more about communication, he instantly felt at home and also became good friends with the tutors. The week Paul was there was called The J.V. Trust week, and at the end of the week Paul asked the tutors if he saved up enough money could he attend the following year? they said yes! Paul was deeply touched and inspired by their support and encouragement.

Photo of Paul from a Psychic News article describing how Paul gave “an outstanding demonstration of survival at the Arthur Findlay College”

Paul managed to save up the money to attend, and at the end of the week Paul was standing outside in the gardens having a cigarette when Margaret Davies, one of the tutors and a J.V. Trust committee member asked Paul to come into the office. Paul immediately thought he had done something wrong. When Paul got into the office, Eric Hatton – the honorary president of the Arthur Findlay College – was also there, and they turned around to Paul and invited him to attend again the following year. They also told him they had never done this before. Paul felt incredibly privileged and honoured, and he attended the following year, and the year after that.

In due course, Eric Hatton turned to Paul and told him “you will also become one of the tutors” Paul did not believe this, as he had no confidence and never in his life thought that this would happen. However, before long, when Paul was back at the Arthur Findlay College, Eric Hatton, Margaret Davies, Hugh Davies, Eileen Davies and Gerard Smith asked Paul to come into the office to have a cup of tea with them. They then invited Paul to be one of the tutors for the following year! Consequently, Paul became one of the tutors that worked at the Arthur Findlay College for the J.V. Trust.

Serving the Spiritualist Churches

Paul at Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church ~ 22nd March 2023

Paul has travelled around many of the spiritual churches to do demonstrations of mediumship, as well as private readings. Furthermore Paul has served Eric Hatton’s Church – Stourbridge Church, which is additionally the Church of one of the greatest pioneers – Gordon Higginson.

At one of the churches Paul attended to do a demonstration of mediumship, he was having a cup of tea in the back room after the service, when he was told that there were two people outside who would like to speak with him. When they came in, they said to Paul that they had been looking, and searching, and had heard about Paul in many places, so they had taken the opportunity to come to the demonstration and watch him work.


They told Paul that they were international mediums who worked in Germany, and they invited Paul to Germany, to bring his teachings of spirit, guidance and demonstrations of mediumship.

Paul with the Seminar group in Duisburg, Germany ~ June 2023

Soon afterwards Paul went to Germany for the first time, where he also encountered another new experience – working with translators for the first time! Paul has worked in front of many people, over 100 people at times. During his time in Germany other organisers also went along to see Paul work, who then invited Paul to work in different parts of Germany. Essentially, Paul has worked in a multitude of places, all over both Germany and England.


Paul also sits to develop trance. Paul goes into a very deep, altered state of consciousness, which enables his guides and helpers to come through and speak to the people sitting in front of him.

As Paul has developed and progressed his abilities with the help of his guides, Paul has become a channel through which those that come forward, can use their own voices to speak.

Paranormal Investigations

Paul also does investigations of the paranormal. Paul has a great understanding about the paranormal and insight into the activity of poltergeist, as he learned about this and how to clear it from his mother, and additionally from all the many experiences he has had throughout his life.

Newspaper article about Paul conducting a paranormal investigation in Germany

Mediumship ~ A Gift and A Responsibility

Paul feels very blessed to have been able to embrace so many different areas of spiritual life, personally and professionally. Paul’s mediumship work has covered serving spiritual centres and churches for their divine service, special events and running workshops, platform demonstrations to the public and for charities, as well as one-to-one sittings.

Paul feels that developing mediumship is a beautiful gift and a life long partnership with the spirit world and to spirit. Being a medium also brings responsibility, as many people that seek mediumship are grieving or going through periods of personal or spiritual crisis. Receiving communication from their loved ones brings comfort, and understanding that those in spirit are watching over them to help and guide them.

Paul understands that we all need to work responsibly, compassionately and with respect for both spirit and people. Whether we are already working professionally or sitting in development, Paul believes that if we have a true understanding of spirit and of honouring the spirit world, then we should know that mediumship is a process of unfoldment which takes place over time.

Each medium develops differently depending on who they are, and where they are in their experience of life and of themselves. Every medium has a responsibility to themselves, and to spirit, and to the people that are going to come to them for help. Along with a sense of duty to help those who are just starting out, and those already working with spirit, to unfold and evolve within their mediumship.

Psychic News Article about Paul

Here is the link¬†https://www.psychicnews.org.uk/articles/diamonds-bunting-and-afc-s-best-kept-secret to a Psychic News article about Paul, written by Sue Farrow who describes how Paul gave “an outstanding demonstration of survival at the Arthur Findlay College, Stanstead.”

Consultations and Courses offered by Paul

Readings and tutoring with Paul are available in person, via Skype, telephone or email.

Please click this link Consultations & Courses for more information and a booking request form.

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