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Spiritual Retreat, Abruzzo, Italy ~ 6th – 9th June 2024

The spiritual retreat in Italy was truly amazing! The energies, location and Paul’s teaching combined to create an unforgettable, magical experience. A spiritual journey that brought a deeper connection with the spiritual world and the enrichment of inner peace & healing.

A huge thank you to everyone at the retreat, and of course Nikki for the beautiful accommodation in the consecrated apartments at the peaceful, tranquil Abruzzo Borgo, as well as for organising the visits to local places of powerful spiritual energies & vibrations.

We are very much looking forward to when Paul does the next spiritual retreat here, we are organising the dates and places will be limited!

Paul & Kate at the place where a vision of the Virgin Mary took place on 25th March 1613
Nikki & Kate

The stunning Italian countryside with the mountains in the distance

Paul & Kate at the Sulphur Spring

Torquay Spiritualist Church ~ 25th & 26th May 2024

Paul & Christine on stage just before the demonstration
Paul, Kate & Christine after the demonstration
Paul & Gabriella after the demonstration

Glastonbury, Mediumship Seminar ~ 11th May 2024

Paul & the seminar group
Paul & Kate

Duisburg, Germany ~ 15th – 19th March 2024

Duisburg trance weekend seminar was truly amazing and outstanding!

Using the cabinet for the first time in a weekend seminar was incredible, and all of the students did amazing! A cabinet can hold the energy and power of spirit, so for the people sitting inside to develop their spiritual trance abilities, what they feel and experience is much stronger.

Everybody really enjoyed taking turns to sit in the cabinet completely surrounded by the energies of spirit and the spiritual world. And everyone could feel and sense their guides and helpers come close, and also their loved ones and friends in the spiritual world.

It was truly an honour and a privilege to have been able to do this seminar, and I look forward to doing many more. A big thank you to Dagmar for the wonderful translating, and also to Britta for the amazing seminar room and all the energies it holds, and a very big thank you to my wife Kate for all the love and support.

When Kate and I got to the seminar room in Duisburg, we were surprised to see the cabinet. The cabinet belongs to Britta, and it made all of the difference, as this trance seminar was genuinely awe-inspiring.

Paul with the cabinet

Paul & Kate with the seminar group

Paul & Kate with the seminar group

Torquay Spiritualist Church ~ 9th February 2024

A very big thank you to Christine & everybody at Torquay Spiritualist Church! The new hall is amazing, full of energy & light, we had a wonderful evening & look forward to coming back.

Paul & Kate with Christine Mathews, Billy Cook & Roy after the demonstration
Paul & Kate

Poole Spiritualist Church ~ 2nd & 3rd December 2023

A massive thank you to Lawrence & everyone at Poole Spiritualist Church for making Kate & I so welcome! The atmosphere is always incredible to work with.

Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church ~ 17th,18th & 19th November 2023

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church for the exceedingly warm welcome and beautiful energies! Our daughter Gabriella was with us and we all had an amazing weekend. Paul really enjoyed teaching everyone at the workshop on the Saturday, it was a fun day, and Paul is full of gratitude for the positive and rewarding feedback – thank you so much to everyone who attended!

On the Sunday, Gabriella accompanied Paul on the rostrum and did the reading. It was a very special moment and we are so proud of her!

Paul & Gabriella
Paul, Gabriella & Fiona who was Chairing
Paul & Kate

Duisburg, Germany ~ 20th – 24th October 2023

The Trance Seminar in Duisburg, was truly amazing! A massive thank you – and a big hug! – to everyone who attended, it was a very special weekend and the energies were literally out of this world.

We also can’t thank Dagmar Paul’s translator in Duisburg enough – we couldn’t do it without her, and deeply appreciate everything she does. Along with a huge thank you to Britta for the Seminar room, which is a lovely, beautiful space to work in.

Paul & Kate with the Seminar group in Duisburg

This video was taken in the Seminar room after Paul and the group had finished for the day. The spiritual energy created was truly amazing and very positive.

Cologne, Germany ~ 25th – 28th August 2023

A huge Thank you! – Vielen Dank! – to everyone who attended the Seminar in Cologne. Our daughter Gabriella also came to Cologne and absolutely loved taking part in her first Seminar!

Paul, Kate & Gabriella at the Seminar in Cologne ~ August 2023
Paul, Kate & Gabriella with Karin Paul’s translator
Paul & Kate after the Demonstration

An Evening of Mediumship ~ Glastonbury ~ 10th August 2023

Thank you so much to everyone who attended!

Paul at the start of the demonstration, where Paul is explaining how he works.

Paul’s demonstration. At the end there are some fascinating questions from the audience and answers from Paul.

Poole Spiritualist Church ~ 13th August 2023

Kate and I would like to say a very big thank you to Lawrence at Poole Spiritualist Church. Also to everybody there. Even though I was a little bit late and panicking at the same time – it turned out to be amazing. It showed us how spirit works, as when Lawrence did his talk and philosophy, I was not there to experience it. When I then did my philosophy, both turned out to be in harmony – and that is how wondrously spirit works!

Kate and myself were treated absolutely awesomely, and we are very much looking forward to returning in November.

Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church ~ 9th July 2023

First of all we would like to say thank you so much to Stefan for chairing, and to everybody for making us and our daughters Francesca & Gabriella so welcome! Paul also received some lovely and very appreciative feedback – Thank You!

We are very much looking forward to going back in November to do a Friday Special (17th November), a One day Workshop (18th November) and a Divine Service (19th November) and seeing everyone again.

Paul and Stefan ~ Newton Abott Spiritualist Church 9th July 2023
Paul, Kate & daughters Francesca & Gabriella at Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church

Duisburg, Germany ~ 17th – 21st June 2023

Paul and Kate would like to say a huge Thank You! – Vielen Dank! – to everyone who attended the Seminar in Duisburg. The energies were truly amazing and we have made so many new friends!!

We had a fabulous time in Duisburg, and are very excited about going back and seeing everyone again. Paul will be back in Duisburg doing a Trance Seminar Weekend on the 20th,21st & 22nd October along with private readings on the 23rd & 24th October.

Paul with the Seminar group in Duisburg, Germany ~ June 2023

Torquay Spiritualist Church ~ Demonstration of Mediumship – 2nd June 2023

Paul received an exceedingly warm welcome in Torquay, along with a lot of positive and rewarding feedback – Thank you so much to everyone at Torquay Spiritualist Church!

Another thing that made the evening extra special was that Paul & Kate’s daughter Gabriella was also in the audience, and saw Paul demonstrating for the first time – which she absolutely loved! More photos from Torquay are here on the Gallery page.

Paul at Torquay Spiritualist Church ~ 2nd June 2023
Paul with his daughter Gabriella at Torquay Spiritualist Church ~ 2nd June 2023

Bremen, Germany ~ 13th – 18th April 2023

The full video of Paul’s demonstration of mediumship in Bremen, Germany on 15th April 2023.

During the demonstration Paul gave many accurate communications, that brought comfort and healing. At the end of the demonstration there are some very interesting questions from the audience, and some eloquent and enlightening answers from Paul.

Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church, Devon ~ Demonstration of Mediumship – 22nd March 2023

Paul received a lovely and very warm welcome in Newton Abbot, along with some wonderful feedback – Thank you to everyone at Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church!

Paul at Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church ~ 22nd March 2023

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