Psychic News Article about Medium Paul Brereton

Excerpt from a Psychic News article about Paul, written by Sue Farrow in June 2012:

“Over the years I have written many times that mediums are born, not made. However, even those with an evident natural ability are in need of thorough development in the hands of someone who truly knows what they are doing. In Doreen, Paul was fortunate enough to find such a person as his mentor and tutor, and it shows in his mediumship.

He also has another quality which in my opinion is far too often missing in platform mediums – humility. His only desire is to serve spirit and help people. He is almost alarmingly uninterested in money and instinctively shies away from praise when it is offered.

In a demonstration lasting about 50 minutes he gave contacts to seven people, all delivered with fluency (sometimes at high speed!) and compassion. Afterwards I spoke with three of Paul’s recipients, all of whom were delighted with the level of evidential detail he conveyed to them.

Names, causes of passing, significant family anniversaries , a communicator’s cherished memories of his animals, a suicide, a pet name, details of a funeral and precise physical descriptions of spirit communicators – all were accepted without hesitation.”


Read the full article here: https://www.psychicnews.org.uk/articles/diamonds-bunting-and-afc-s-best-kept-secret

Testimonial ~ by James Washbrook ~ June 2nd 2023

I saw Paul’s demonstration this evening in Torquay and I have to say I was blown away. I am fairly new to this whole new “world” and can sometimes be a little sceptical about it all. Paul was so good I wasn’t able to doubt a single thing and now truly believe.

Testimonial ~ by Anke Pirrwitz ~ May 8th 2023

The demonstration evening, which I attended with interest in Bremen in April, was an extraordinary experience for me. Very sceptical at the beginning, I had the honour of working with Paul. Afterwards I was just grateful that he brought me closer to the spiritual world and thus to my Mother. The things he said were correct and some of them impossible to guess, erasing my previous scepticism. Since then I’ve been going through life as a different person.

Paul is very empathetic and extremely friendly in everything. One notices the connection to the spiritual, loving world.

Testimonial ~ by Bernd Deling ~ April 22nd 2023

I’ve had a few readings with Paul. He is an honest, friendly and helpful person that you rarely meet. His readings are interesting, coherent and sincere. So I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to meet a sincere and capable medium

Testimonial ~ by Monika Hertel ~ April 21st 2023

I got to know Paul a few years ago and have had a few readings since then. These readings were very coherent and interesting for me. I was also able to take part in a few afterlife demos. Paul always carried this out with a lot of energy and humour. I would have another reading with him anytime. I wish him continued good connection to the spiritual world, which can help many people.

Testimonial ~ by Inga ~ April 2nd 2023

I’ve had appointments with Paul several times and it’s always been very interesting and accurate. Paul is great!

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