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A guide to the Readings, Demonstrations, Tutoring and Assistance offered by Paul

Readings and tutoring are available in person, via Zoom, Skype, telephone or email.

Further information about Paul’s upcoming demonstrations and seminars are here on the Events page.

When you join a seminar or course you will also have ongoing help and support from Paul. You will receive homework and have regular Zoom/Skype meetings with Paul, so that you can keep working on and developing your spiritual gifts.

Paul often organises his own demonstrations and seminars, but is also more than happy for organisers to contact him about any events they wish to arrange.

To book or ask questions about a consultation or course you can get in touch with us via phone or email here Contact Us or you can use the booking  form at the bottom of this page.

Private one to one Readings ~ £60

This is a private sitting with Paul. This can be arranged in person here in Glastonbury, via Zoom, Skype, telephone or email.

During your reading Paul connects with your loved ones in the spiritual world and is able to convey loving messages & clear evidence that they are still very much with you, which brings comfort & healing. You can also ask Paul any questions you have.

For readings via Skype, Zoom, telephone or email please be reassured that Paul does not need to be physically with you to connect to you.

Group Readings ~ (maximum of 6 people)

This is for groups of family or friends who would like to have a reading with Paul.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal activity includes hauntings and poltergeists. If you have something within your home or buildings and want Paul to investigate further and clear the energies – he would love to help! Paul can do this either in person or remotely.

Live Demonstration of Mediumship

A live demonstration of mediumship is held in front of an audience. Paul gives communications from loved ones, friends and family in the spiritual world to members of the audience. Paul’s demonstrations are truly special to experience, as Paul has the remarkable ability to communicate with up to 5 links at the same time, and Paul will always come back to every person to complete the evidence & the messages.

Seminars for Beginners

This is for anyone seeking to learn more and develop their connection with spirit. Where people can come together in love, light and energy. Paul will guide everyone through meditations and exercises. Paul will also speak about different aspects of mediumship and see where each person is along their journey.

Seminars for Advanced Mediumship

This is for people who have already been working with spirit and their mediumship. Paul will help you to get much more of a stronger link with your guides and helpers, and those within the spiritual world. Paul can also help anyone who feels they are not developing or getting any further along with their journey of communication.

Awareness Groups

Awareness is about becoming more aware of your spirit, and the energies and the vibrations. The Potential of Mediumship presents an inspiring collection of teachings, along with numerous essential exercises for unfolding your awareness, mediumistic and spiritual gifts. This will help you move forward with your abilities.

Private Tuition ~ Coaching & Mentorship

This is a 12 week course available in 2 levels – one for beginners and one for advanced students. Which makes this 12 week course ideal for those that are just starting out on a spiritual path or for those who have already started their path and are working with spirit. When you sign up, Paul will speak to you to see where you are on your spiritual path.

The course is designed to build confidence and an understanding of all forms of psychic/awareness/aspects of mediumship, different spiritual gifts and to cover spiritual communication in more depth.

The course has been thoughtfully put together to assist with:

  • How to raise your vibrational frequency and begin to create awareness of the spirit world which is all around us
  • How to tune into the psyche of another person
  • Learning how to give a reading using your psychic senses
  • The personal and spiritual growth of your “self”
  • The art of spirit communication, together with the practice of developing these links with your Guides and helpers who work with you from the spiritual world
  • You will also be using different methods and meditations to build a stronger communication, along with blending your energy and vibration with your guide
  • Different methods of healing

Paul will guide you step by step through each one. Including how to meditate to achieve different levels of conscience through meditation:

  • Psychic awareness
  • Understanding the different levels of mediumship
  • Trance
  • Colour
  • Symbology
  • Mindfulness – is it coming from me or spirit?

All relevant paperwork required for each of the courses will be provided, along with weekly homework and regular Skype/Zoom meetings to help you. Paul will also be available if you need that little bit of extra help whilst you are going through the training, and furthermore after completing the course.

On completion of the online course you will receive a certificate. Please get in touch today to start your journey!

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