Eclipse Season & Mercury Retrograde ~ 2023

Dates & Details

Solar Eclipse ~ April 20th 2023 ~ 29 Aries * Lunar Eclipse ~ May 5th 2023 ~ 15 Scorpio * Mercury Retrograde ~ April 21st – May 15th 2023 ~ 15 – 5 Taurus

We are currently in eclipse season and not only that Mercury is retrograde. So if this moment in time feels a little strange, a little insight into what is happening in the sky may help to navigate the days ahead. Because it may be a bit of a bumpy ride for some of us!

Eclipses ~ Important points to keep in mind!
  • Eclipses are most significant to us personally when they touch and thus activate a natal planet.
  • Eclipses mark important events or points in life. One chapter in life can end and a new chapter starts.
  • Eclipses bring us opportunity for greater awareness about ourselves and our relationships.
  • Eclipses bring us opportunity to change and evolve.
  • Eclipses bring us into contact with the divine, they can show us that without doubt some things are beyond our control. They put us in touch with the divine world, and reveal the never-ending dance in life between our free will and fate. Free will and fate illustrate how in life we have choices, how we can direct or negotiate with some things, but that we can also meet circumstances that we have to surrender to.
What is Eclipse Season?

Eclipses take place in pairs and occur two weeks apart. This entire two week period is known as “eclipse season”. This eclipse season begins with a bang, with a fiery Aries solar eclipse on April 20th, then Mercury is retrograde on April 21st. It ends with a potent and transformational lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th.

Eclipses are known for shaking things up and indicate a time when pivotal, memorable events are likely to occur. Eclipses open a passageway between the past and the future. Stir up fated changes in our life, and the world. And as such the energy is a little wild and unpredictable. The events that unfold can seem to arrive out of the blue, and leave us feeling in the dark, unable to fully make out what is ahead.

Which means during eclipse season the energy and time can feel out of sync. We may sense life is not flowing as normal. We could feel not quite ourselves and find that our usual sleeping, eating and health routines go out the window.

Eclipses are a bit like a reboot.They redirect us and can bring necessary changes we may otherwise be too fearful to make ourselves. They force us to take action or to react to situations, in ways that ultimately change the course of our lives, mostly in a magical way – even if it doesn’t seem like that initially!

What are Eclipses?

There are two types of eclipses – solar eclipses and lunar eclipses. At a solar eclipse the Moon passes in front of the Sun, cutting off the illumination of the Sun and bringing darkness. At a lunar eclipse the full Moon is opposite the Sun with the Earth sandwiched in between, the Earth blocks the light of the Sun from reaching the Moon, leaving it dark and veiled.

The Sun and the Moon are the most visible celestial bodies in the sky. In astrology the Sun represents our evolving sense of ‘self’ and the Moon our emotions and instincts. Eclipses obstruct the energies and the light of the Sun and Moon, so can leave us feeling literally in the dark, unsure of our way forward and uncertain of our inner intuition.

But as we make our way across the bridge from the past to the future we can be certain that the path that enables us to shine and sparkle will be fully revealed, sometimes in unexpected and miraculous ways!

Mercury Retrograde

As Mercury is the planet of communication, Mercury retrograde highlights a time of contemplation and reflection that enables us to gain new perspectives on what has already unfolded in life. Brings the past back into focus. Perhaps prompting us to re-view or re-do something that will be beneficial for us.

Spring 2023 Eclipse Season ~ A Positive New Start!
Solar Eclipse ~ 20th April

A solar eclipse brings us new opportunities, the beginning of something new in life. It may be something we have been wishing for or it could leave us feeling out of our comfort zone – but – that it is somehow meant to be.

The solar eclipse on 20th April is square Pluto, and will unleash some powerful and impulsive energy. It could encourage us to take charge of our lives, to be assertive, to pursue something of deep importance to us. But, this must be done with integrity. As it brings the potential for some conflict and drama, a firework being ignited and thrown into the midst of life.

In our relationships differences of opinion, personality clashes or jealousy could lead to power struggles. We could also be made aware of personality traits of our own that we are not proud of, parts of ourselves that now we are conscious of we wish to change.

It’s energy that is best handled carefully and thoughtfully to achieve positive results – but to be honest – is likely to induce some rash, reckless and even ruthless outbursts. Any areas of tension could erupt explosively, leaving us feeling a little shocked and our self-confidence knocked.

Mercury Retrograde ~ 21st April

The next day Mercury is retrograde conjunct Uranus. Underlining that we may have a sudden, shocking, disruptive insight about someone or something in life. A realisation that we will be going back over, re-viewing and re-doing and trying to resolve and fix.

Mercury is sextile Mars, giving us courage to stand up for ourselves and speak our mind. Mercury in Taurus will wish to go over the details until the facts are straight. Will help us to see our true self-worth and to value ourselves, so as to find solutions and stability in the future.

During Mercury retrograde our finances could also be occupying our thoughts. We could find ourselves thinking about how to build up our financial security. As well as perhaps what is of greater value than money to us – what is actually of deep importance and genuine value in our lives.

We may find that new ideas pop into our mind or that we receive an unexpected message or news, which then helps us to see the future in a different light.

Mercury is direct on May 15th. But a clear, final conclusion to issues may not be reached until Mercury leaves the post-shadow phase of the retrograde when Mercury returns to 15 Taurus on May 31st.

Lunar Eclipse ~ 5th May

The lunar eclipse arrives on May 5th. A lunar eclipse is a time of fruition, when matters reach a climax and are brought to a conclusion or ended.

Taking place in Scorpio this lunar eclipse could involve a deep-dive into past issues. Anything buried, kept secret or that has been underhanded is likely to surface. This could be intense and emotionally painful as we come to terms with what has ended, or what we have to release and let go of in life. Whatever emerges has to, so as to bring us the conscious awareness of what has changed and what needs to be healed. So that we can grow, evolve and move on. Whatever comes to light will take us time to process, as we gradually adjust our thoughts and feelings.

The lunar eclipse is opposite Uranus. This brings a sense of momentum and excitement about the future that helps us to move forwards. Encourages us to make space for someone or something new to enter our life. Could help us to feel enthusiastic about a new chapter in life starting.

This lunar eclipse brings us the opportunity to lighten our load in life, to overcome our difficulties and our inner shadows. To ultimately trigger a positive transformation. Inspires us to discover new goals in life and be motivated by fresh challenges.


For some of us this eclipse season could be a rough ride, but have faith, life is all about change!

This is a moment in time when we can discover what or who we are passionate about, and who we trust. A moment that could well light a fire within us to follow a path that feels truly vibrant and authentic to us.

For sure, the changes in the process of unfolding during this eclipse season, whilst possibly could initially knock us sideways – in the end bring us the potential of a positive, powerful, inspiring new start!

Love and blessings, X


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