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The Winds Of Change


Before we begin, I would like to explain how this post became inspired to be written. And to make a long story short! – Paul discovered a video of Gordon Higginson in trance, that initiated us to have an in-depth discussion about the unconditional love of spirit & how ultimately love is all there is. Which then sowed the seeds for this post, which brings together some astrology from me, then spiritual philosophy from Paul. Advance warning, this is a long read! Blessings to all, Kate X

Astrology ~ How Our Relationships & Spirituality are Evolving

So, as you can see, I have been nudged to write a little about the planetary picture in the sky! In particular as to how it conveys for us personally & collectively that our relationships, views and understanding of spirituality, and creativity are encountering energies that will in time, see shifts and evolution visible in our lives and the world. So here are some musings about Pluto in Aquarius, and Saturn & Neptune in Pisces – and the spiritual significance of their upcoming conjunction in 2026, with the main focus on relationships & spirituality.

On January 21st 2024, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld entered the sign of Aquarius. Pluto will briefly leave Aquarius to conclude his undertakings in the realms of Capricorn on September 1st, before returning to Aquarius on November 19th – where he will be residing until March 8th 2043. Whilst we had a brief vibe of Pluto in Aquarius between March & June 2023 – Pluto will soon be in Aquarius for the long haul!

What is also highly significant is that Pluto at the 1st degree of Aquarius, is at the exact degree of the Jupiter-Saturn Great Mutation conjunction that occurred on December 21st 2020 – a conjunction which heralded the start of a new 20 year Aquarian era, & a 200 year Air era.


Pluto is the slowest moving planet (yes I know he is not officially considered a planet – but to most astrologers, including me, he is!), taking around 248 years to journey the entire zodiac, and who spends anywhere from 11 – 30 years in a single sign. Which, simply put means Pluto’s lessons take time to unfold, and additionally for us to understand & absorb them.

Pluto is all about what is invisible and hidden beneath the surface, which includes buried treasure. In essence Pluto depicts the mysteries of life, death, re-birth and renewal. Pluto’s influence is able to illuminate the dark shadows and what we individually & collectively need to face up to. Which can be (but isn’t always!) uncomfortable, unpleasant and demand us to be courageous. But, at the same time, if we surrender to Pluto’s magic, commit to going with the flow of life & the lessons our soul (& the collective) wishes to learn, we can undergo a process of inner alchemy that helps us to transform the lead in our lives to gold. A dance with fate if you like, that sets the stage for us to discover the treasure – the guidance gained, the inner growth, the outer reshaping of life & the healing it brings about – from making it through trials & tribulations, and allowing what has to change to be transformed, even if at times the going gets tough.

Pluto in Aquarius

Essentially, and very simplistically, Pluto can bring revelations and present us with the destruction of what no longer serves us, which thus creates the space for a re-birth and evolution. Pluto was last in Aquarius between 1778 – 1798. A moment in time that brought the discovery of Uranus, the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign symbolised by the Water Bearer pouring forth fertile waters of wisdom from an urn. Water that cleanses the past in such a way that then clears the way for new beginnings. At its highest, most positive vibration Aquarian energy is all about humanity & equality, is associated with the group, the collective, social fairness & justice for all. In essence, Aquarius has the ability to tune into universal levels of consciousness and the belief that we are all equal.

In 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn, a sign associated with money, power & big business, it aligned with the global financial crisis, when untold numbers of ordinary people lost homes & incomes, but the banks got bailed out. Now (amongst many other concerns) we have a cost of living crisis, and the imbalance between the wealthy and the rest of humanity is vast & expanding. Pluto in Capricorn has revealed how the world is structured to benefit a powerful minority, not the whole of humanity. In Aquarius, Pluto is likely to bring back revolution, perhaps a demand for our financial systems to be reconfigured, for wages that actually enable people to live happily & comfortably, without a daily struggle to survive.

In a nutshell, all of this means the insightful, innovative & idealistic energy of Aquarius is a potent influence now, & in the time to come, in order to launch us into the future & a re-birth. As such, the energies are continually shifting and kinda volatile, to enable us to dismantle what is necessary and make way for a new vision of life & how we wish to live & experience it. This means that we may feel unsettled and have a sense that nothing is certain, and thus perhaps be questioning our own & humanities path ahead.

And so here is a brief outline of the present moment, in particular the new Venus-Mars cycle .. and what’s further ahead in the sky, which I hope is helpful. To be honest, astrologers can only imagine what the full transit of Pluto in Aquarius will bring to fruition, as many diverse scenarios will emerge involving technology, innovation, politics, rebellion & revolution. Accompanied by this, and what I would like to draw attention to is our relationships with others, our creativity & our spirituality.

Aquarius Season 2024

Just before Pluto, the Sun entered Aquarius on January 20th kicking off Aquarius season, then Mercury followed on February 5th, Mars on February 13th & Venus on February 16th. Which means that Pluto is starting to shape & add momentum to what was seeded by Jupiter & Saturn in 2020, as every planet that enters Aquarius also encounters Pluto for a meeting about what’s on the current agenda. So helping these emerging Aquarian ideas & visions to emerge are the power & illumination of the Sun, the communication skills & clever ideas of Mercury, the energy & courage of Mars and the harmonising & creative influence of Venus. All the personal planets after they get together with Pluto, will go on to square Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus (as a sign Taurus is representative of Mother Earth & the material world), leaving us in no doubt that change is in the air.

Pluto, Venus & Mars ~ Reshaping our Relationships

Key Dates ~ February 14th ~ Mars conjunct Pluto * February 17th ~ Venus conjunct Pluto * February 22nd ~ Venus conjunct Mars

Chart for Venus conjunct Mars at 7 Aquarius ~ February 22nd 2024

A Venus & Mars conjunction emphasises themes relating to creativity & motivation, love & passion, peace & war. What is more, as Venus & Mars are the current rulers of the Nodes of Destiny, this new Venus-Mars cycle indicates changes & fresh starts that are fated. And for sure, this Venus-Mars conjunction will engage us in a voyage of discovery that will ignite creative power & new visions. New vantage points that change our perceptions of life, adjust our values & actions in spiritually uplifting ways, and by doing so update our vision of the future. Venus & Mars both have something to say about our personal values, desires & goals, as well as how we relate to each other in all relationship scenarios – in love, with family, our social connections & in our professional life.

The energies that are flowing here indicate that our relationships are likely to encounter some changes – some Aquarian adjustments. As we start to sense & tune into a deeper understanding of the importance of relationships (personal & professional) that are equal, supportive & mutually beneficial. We may discover a richer, more intense appreciation of those closest to us, those who truly love & care for us, and make every effort to give fully in return. On the flip side, any fake or two-faced friends or social connections could well be revealed.

We are looking to evolve & strengthen our relationships, enhance our feelings of connection with all who share our values. To expand our social connections & involve ourselves in group activities with people that are on the same wavelength. Find new ways to resolve old difficulties or problem areas, innovative solutions to any stumbling blocks that hampered harmoniousness in our relationships. And detach ourselves from relationships that lack the good vibrations we are seeking – which at its ultimate – is a connectivity, an openness that liberates us, empowers us to shine our light & love and feel it truly & fully reflected back to us.

Which leads us to Saturn & Neptune, & what is on the horizon in 2026. So to prepare for & contemplate where we are going, here is a quick rundown on some of the relevant & meaningful themes.

Saturn-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces ~ February 20th 2026 ~ Spiritual Advancement

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, and of note is that he contributes to the context & effect of the planets in Aquarius & the Venus-Mars conjunction. And currently Saturn is in the realms of Pisces, along with Neptune, who is considered the modern ruler of Pisces. The archetypes associated with Pisces are the Psychic, the Mystic, the Healer & the Artist, and as the last sign of the zodiac represents the end of the soul’s journey into wholeness where the seeds are planted for the next cycle. Pisces is where the material world and the divine realms converge. Whilst Saturn is all about the earthly – time, material form & structure, boundaries – what is real & tangible, Neptune is about what lies beyond what we can physically see & touch. Neptune is spiritual, divine love that connects us with a flow of spiritual, creative, visionary, idealistic energy.

Saturn & Neptune’s co-presence in Pisces is indicative of spiritual & creative endeavours being perceptible & becoming defined. That artists are going to be inspired to create work that seems otherworldly, beyond imagination, & that spirituality will be seen in a new light, with more & more people seeking spiritual knowledge to help them make sense of the world & their purpose in it, as Saturn gives form, brings to reality the flow of ingenuity & insight emanating from the divine realms

On top of this, and very significantly, Saturn will be in & out of Pisces (due to retrograde motion) until 14th February 2026, and then Saturn meets Neptune at 0 Aries (The Aries Point – a very powerful point, as it is the start of the zodiac). Indicating that we are in a period of time when spiritual knowledge & understanding could be elevated, which initiates in the future the seeding of a time when spiritual philosophies start to be more highly valued & appreciated.

Spiritual Philosophy from Paul ~ A Message from Spirit

All around our Spiritual Centers, people go there to have communications from their loved ones. But those mediums, and those that speak of the philosophies, those are the ones that are really connected with the divine love, vibration and energy. Not only connected to the physical world and the physical things, but truly connected to the spirit. Because when those philosophers lose themselves in the energy, the vibration of spirit, the universe, and not only the universe but Mother Earth herself, they know how everything has been given to us in a spiritual loving way.

And when people have an understanding – a deeper understanding – not only of life and the physical, but more of an understanding of oneself and spirit, and that not only the spirit are we connected to, we are connected to everything within the universe – the stars, the moons and the physical things on the earth plane. As each and every person are born under them stars and the moons, they are born within them times, and within that period of time to have an understanding not just of the physical, but more a deeper and a greater understanding of themselves.

The true essence of themselves, and that is true love, unconditional love. As well as to learn them lessons that each and every person goes through when they reach and enter within the physical world, within that physical body. And that is having an understanding, then a greater understanding of what is most important. Which is the understanding of unconditional love, true love, and understanding of each person, and of what they go through within life.

The True Awakening

Now comes the true awakening. The true awakening is the waking of the spirit, the universe and everything that has been created. And even through the most deepest tunnels within the universe, everyone within the earth plane has been learning lessons, many lessons of physical. More than lessons of the true spiritual, and the true essence of themselves. For when they go through the difficulties of life, and feeling that the material things on the earth plane is more important, this is where the great awakening comes for those within the earth plane will have a greater understanding of spirit, the universe and spirituality.

They will learn more of the essence, and the true essence of unconditional love, and a greater understanding of spirit, of love, peace and harmony. And once all of this comes together, everything will open. But within the stars and the universe, that is where the true lessons of life is, as each and everyone is born under a sign, and will go through the lessons of themselves, go through the lessons of physical, and through the lessons of spiritual. For those on a spiritual path, and has that unique gift of feeling the energy, and the power of the universe, and also of spirit – this is where it all begins. Feel, sense and have a knowing, and an understanding of who we are, and why we are here on this earth plane. Because this earth plane is also the creation of Mother Earth herself, that brings not only the fruit and the joy, but brings the unconditional love, and an understanding of how we should live.

This is where, when we have that greater understanding of the universe, & everything around us, this is where the philosophers will be listened to. And each and everyone can be guided through yourself, when you touch everything around you, when you touch the true essence of your spirit the awakening will happen.

We are a soul within the soul of the universe. WE ARE PART OF A DIVINE SPIRIT IN HUMAN FORM. We are on a sacred journey of recovery and returning to our soul state of pure love.


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